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This is Startup Bayelsa.

We exist to equip young people with the requisite knowledge and skillset to become self reliant,  provide technical support to SMEs, export investment opportunities and increase digital literacy in Bayelsa state and the Niger Delta.

Capacity Building

We help indidviduals change their attitudes and behaviours - imparting knowledge and developing skills while maximizing the benefits of participation and knowledge exchange.

Entrepreneurship Development

We enhance the knowledge and skill of entrepreneurs through several programmes. This helps new ventures get better in achieving their goals, improve business and the nation's economy.

Digital Literacy

We help boost people's ability to evaluate, and clearly communicate information through their grammar, composition, texts and ability to produce text and media using technology.

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Our story was born from the need to change the narratives of Bayelsa State, using entrepreneurship and technology as a driver.

Introducing Startup Bayelsa

An Overview

Startup Bayelsa is a social enterprise operating in the Niger Delta region. Our value proposition is to drive entrepreneurship as a frontier to the development of the Bayelsa State economy.

We achieve these by partnering with Government, NGOs and other Private Organizations, and also seek National and International Support from  IT/Media firms some of which include Google Nigeria, DigiClan Africa, For Loop Africa, Young Innovators of Nigeria (YIN), Hubs Nigeria Network (HNN) et al.

We intend to help Bayelsa startups scale, help keep them afloat, and make them stand out in their saturated marketplaces.

Our Media

Recent Posts

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Why Startup Bayelsa

Our Offerings

We are opened to providing consultancy and management oversight support for Government, NGOs and other Private Organization through the underlined structures:

Custom Trainings

We provide customized trainings for Management Staff, Directorates Civil Service Commission, etc. to enhance their effectiveness in their work places and in dispersing their duties.

State-Owned / Private Management

We are opened to engagements where the State Government continues to own its assets (e.g. Innovation/Tech Hub), but contracts out the management to us, with limited subsidy required from the State and freedom from political influences.

Custom Software Development

We develop custom software to solve specific problems. One of such software still under development is the Agrovine Web Based Agro Management App, which is going to solve agricultural challenges in Bayelsa State and by extension, the Niger Delta by 60%.

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